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It occurrs to me that I am going to be quite sad if I don't start writing
more. It's when I'm busiest and have the most that I ought to be writing
that i find it the hardest to find the chance. I either need to make time in
the morning (which is a little harder now that my schedule is a little
different) or start carrying my paper journal with me and scribbling when I
get a few minutes (would be a little easier when I get my bag made and have
something to carry it *in*).

So lately my scehdule has been something like:

Mondays and Wednesdays - work from 7-10:30, straight to Delta, class
from 11-2 and usually accomplishing things that need it in the afternoon. I
think some of that should slow down soon. Much of it was stuff I needed to
get done for the classes; supplies, registering, books. Homework and reading
will still need to be done. But I think I can handle that.

Tuesdays and Thursdays - Work from 7 - 11:30, if i decide to make up
the hour splitting half between each day, or 7-11 like normal if I'm making
it up on friday. There is also the option of going an hour on one day and
normal on the other. I think that will depend on what there is to be done
on what days. this week I'm splitting the half hour extra between the two
days. So I worked til 11:30 Tuesday and will do the same today. Then class
from 2 - 5.

Friday is just a normal day. If I'm smart, I'll spend it doing productive
things for class in the afternoon.

So far I'm emjoying classes, particularly the B/W. Last week we developed film. I need more practice loading film on the
reels. next time I try, there will be no help so I want to make sure I'll be
able to on my own in total darkness. Sometimes it goes well and sometimes it
just doesn't. I'd like to know that I'm not ruining my roll though.

Tuesday we printed contact sheets of our first roll. She has a machine
specifically for it. You line up the negatives all in a row, put the paper
on top, shut it and it flashes a light from below and exposes them, negative
size, on the paper. Then it goes through pretty much the same process for
developing the image as for developing the film (developer, stop bath,
fixer, and rinse). The developer i different for each, but it's still a
developer. Goes through the same order. Not as difficult or scary as i
feared it would be. I think we're goingt o be making our first real
enlargement/print today in class. I'm excited about that. Once We have all
that down we can use open lab time to do whatever we need to. At this point,
she has requested that we stick to just develping film because that's all
we've covered in class.

I have at least a couple rolls of B/W stuff I've taken that I would like to
play with making enlargements. There is a lot of open lab time that will
work for me. Monday - Thurs after my classes, and also Sunday. The lab
assistant said that it's usually pretty quiet on Sundays.

In the digital class we've gone over some photoshop things. Some of it I
knew and some of it was new. I think it will be useful. We partnered up
yesterday and had to go take pictures around the school. I haven't looked at
mine yet but I should today or tomorrow and transfer some or most of the
pictures to my other card.

Ray and I had another fight and I haven't heard from him in a week. I've
been sad about that. I've missed him. it's so hard when you want to give
someone any space they need while at the same time letting them know that
you care. I don't want it to seem like I've just not cared that we haven't
spoken and was just ignoring/forgetting about it. I hoped that when he was
ready to talk he woudl let me know. Maybe he isn't ready to talk. Maybe he
is and didn't let me know. maybe I'm supposed to be doing something else. I
don't know. I've sent him text messages, I left him a message on his
phone... and I haven't heard back. I'm not sure what to do next. Mostly what
i've been doing is fretting about it and feeling sad about it and wishing he
wanted to talk to me.

Schedules are changing with fall being here and I didn't want that to mean
that we didn't see each other any more. I figured as we settled into what
the new schedules would be, I'd have a better idea of where the changes
could and would be made. As it has been lookign I was thinking that fridays
would be good but I wasn't positive and so hadn't mentioned it yet. Ijust
didn't want to say 'well this will work- oh never mind'. But I still think
it would (hopefully not would have). But now I don't know if he even wants
to talk to me.

I've had quite a bit of cat stuff going on as well. First was the kittens
and I wrote some abotu that. I ended up writing more in my paper journal and
I think that helped. With things like that, when it doesn't do any good to
dwel... all dwelling does is make it hurt more- all i can really do is
bandage it and wait for it to scar over. Still waiting but the bandaging
seems to help quite a bit. And i do have other things to occupy my thoughts.

MadDog has been missing for 4 days and I'm really worried about him. He's
just too brave. He goes too far and chases things and gets into things... I
hope he comes home.

my neighbors brought me a kitten the other day. They found her near their
house and wondered if she was ours. Well she is now. She is going to be
Steve's kitty. When he moves into the house anyway. But she's sick and went
to the vet yesterday. She has lots of medicine. She has a leaky butt. She
has worms, ear mites, and a fever. Poor kitty! So the dr. gave her some worm
medicine and we have antibiotic to give her, pectin to hopefully help with
the leakage, butt cream (she just doesn't like that part at all), and ear
mite medicine that went in yesterday. She has had a lot of baths and she
will probably need another today. Hopefully she will start feeling better
soon. She's pretty and friendly and very cute. She wants attention but she's
so gross! She smells and leaks. Ick. Poor icky kitty.

I'm sure I left a lot out. Playing catch-up is always difficult.

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