~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

spider catching breakfast

I just watched a spider catch its breakfast. Very cool!

The one side of the building is all windows and the stairs are on this side.
So there are usually plenty of spiders early inthe morning with their webs
built right outside these windows. It's really neat because it means I get
to see them closer than I usually would. So this morning as I passed, I
looked up to see one, larger than most, silhouetted against the tinged-pink
morning sky - pretty all on its own.... but then! A mosquito happened by and
would have missed the web entirely except that the spider began vigorously
shaking it! The mosquito was trapped and the spider ran over and grabbed it,
securing another meal. Good timing on my part, since this was on my way up
to collect the ballot box print-outs and by the time I came back down the
spider, and its breakfast, were nowhere to be seen.
Tags: spider

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