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Beth is a meanie and won't smell my armpits.

We did a lot of stuff today. Let's see. We ate at this diner with a checkered floor and interesting staff who didn't seem to have a "work-time" conversation filter and so we were entertained with gems like these:

girl one (stretching): I just started a new exercise program yesterday
girl two: yeah his name is Chuck
girl one: I would never have relations with a man named Chuck! (asks around) Is anyone here named Chuck? Chuck is a terrible name!

We went to Navy Pier and I took some pictures for my class. We also went and looked at a lot of games. Children kicked our asses at card games. Both times the kids had played before and we hadn't though. Good excuse I think. They have the best lemonade there. I wanted ice cream with little dinosaurs in it but I was denied. So sad :(

We walked to North Bridge and I went to Sephora to buy the Kiddie Pool Urban Decay shadow that I wanted the last time. Somehow 7 others managed to come with me too. I've got a good Urban Decay collection going these days.

We sat in Millenium Park for a while and people-watched. I dig that. We met the rest of Steve's family and went to Joey Buonos (sp?) for dinner where I had the best pasta dish I think I have ever had. Ever. Seriously. *sigh*

We wandered after that and saw some dancing boys doing leapy gymnastic things and being amusing. (They were called Stick N’ Move I believe but I wouldn't be willing to bet money on that. Can't find enough info on them online really to confirm.)

We saw the puppet theater with the dancing puppets.

We saw a dog in a tuxedo riding in a horse drawn carriage.

We went in the Hershey store where I got a Watermelon Jolly Rancher pop (weird!) I haven't tried it yet I just wanted to have it to try when I felt more up to it. It might be icky but it seems so interesting!

We went to the Ghirardelli store and ate tasty desserts. I got a brownie sundae: Scoop of vanilla ice cream, warm ghirardelli double chocolate brownie, their hot fudge, whipped cream, chopped almonds, and a cherry. It's sickening just to think about it. It was so good. I took pictures of it and of Steve's dad's chocolate soda and of Will's strawberry soda.

I bought Mikale a Chicago shirt. I have come here so many times now and this is the first time I think I've bought anything touristy. I guess I was due.

I'm tired and need a shower. My feet are stinky but I'm pretty sure my armpits aren't. Not that I'd know from any help of Beth! >:(
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