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photo assignments, class, on to Chicago - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
photo assignments, class, on to Chicago
I have a lot of pictures to take in the next week! I have a whole roll of
black and white to do and then about 100 digital. The b/w I have an actual
assignment for. A list of things I need to take. but the digital set just
needs to be a wide variety of different photos. I think I can manage that.

We leave today for Chicago. Yay!

Yesterday I went home after work and had time to eat some lunch and go to
the store to pick up a combination lock (that I didn't even end up needing
anyway because she never got around to telling us about lockers). Class felt
long because it was a lot of information that I had in the other class. Nice
to have the review, and I will need to go over a few specific things, but it
felt like it took forever. There are only 3 of us in the class with Nikon
cameras. So it was me with 2 other girls on one side of the classroom and
then everyone else on the other side. We had to talk about ourselves to the
class. I hate that.

I came home and ate, checked my email, started writing a journal entry (that
I'm not entirely sure when I'll get to finish. ), read a little bit. I had a
headache. I think my sinuses are acting up again. It's always hard to tell
when it's not in my nose area- and that tends to be the case.

I'm still tired. I didn't get to sleep as early as I wish I had. my grandma
decided to watch Without a Trace. I can't really blame her. She misses
watching it and I can't expect her to be on my schedule.

My grandma is supposed to be getting a bag from Larry today so I can pack it
to take with me. I won't have much time when I get home.
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