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I am so tired! Last night I would have gotten 6 hours of sleep or so. This
would have been doable, though I still would have ben tired, but it didn't
end up being very solid. This was because the dog got me up 4 times in that
6 hours! She didn't pee on the floor, and this is good, but I'm so tired!

I told my grandma that she should wake her up throughout the day and make
her go out. She sleeps all day and doesn't go out hardly at all and then
wakes me up all night. Very irritating.

MadDog was playing with a Jack in the Pulpit (I htink) planyt that my
grandma had picked to examine and when I noticed him and shooed him away he
was busily gnawing on the stem and attacking it with all four feet (he was
quite playful today). Of course a little while later he was vomiting on the
kitchen floor. He must have felt better after that because he was back at
the food dish when I was going out the door.

So. yesterday.

I got the go-ahead to take my class (Yay!) and I left to go there at 10:30.
I arrived in plenty of time but parking took me forever. First I had to
figure out where i was going and then figure out where best to park. I still
ended up almost out in the corn field! So it was a bit of a hike to get in.
I think if i expect that though, it should be ok.

I got into class a few monutes after it started and got logged into the
computer. The class itself was a lot of basic stuff- beginning photoshop
stuff, getting to know the camera (most people borrow one from the school
but I have my own... so I've had a good amount of time to get to know it),
taking a few notes. She wants us to take pictures for the next class. lots
of different "people, places, and things". I think she just wants a good
variety of stuff for us to work with. I'm sure I'll be able to manage that.
Especially since I'll be going to Chicago for the weekend.

After class I tried to get registered but since I'll have 6 credits they
would require me to have an orientation. But since I've already got a degree
and am just picking up a couple classes here and there they're willing to
waive it- if I call CMU and get them to fax over a copy of my transcript.
I'll do that later today.

I went to the bookstore after that and bought my books. Just one more
painful transaction. I'm glad to have that over with though.

Then i decided to go to the mall and see if i could get anyhtign
accomplished at Ritz camera. I had some things to print and I wanted to ask
a few questions. On my way out I made the mistake of going into the Gap. I
did manage to find a pair of great jeans (on sale!) and some shirts that
will be suitable for work in the fall. However, that was yet another painful
transaction. I'm tired of needing to buy work clothes. I do try to get
thigns that I can wear away form work too though. So it doesn't feel so much
like a waste. The lady helping me was the one that reminded me of Michelle
(she still bugs me but seems to give me good clothes luck).

Randomly, I also saw the little New York & Company sales girl (the one who
looks like Ashlee Simpson only Hot Topic-ified and with freaky looking
contacts) when I was at Delta.

I finally got home at about 5:10 and I was expecting Ray shortly after that.
He was running late though so I actually would have had time to do stuff.
But instead I read cause I didn't want to start something and then have him
waiting for me.

It all worked out though.

I'll be staying a half-hour over today to make up for yesterday. And it
seems I've gotten a raise. Yay to that!

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