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class! and busy yesterday

Today I've accomplished a lot so far. Yay!

It looks like I will probably take my class. In addition to the
Tuesday-Thursday one I already have, I'll be adding in a Monday-Wednesday
one. I'll have to leave a half-hour early from work to do it though. But
I'll make up the time and so it should work out fine. And it will only be
for a few months. I'm just excited to get it!

Yesterday was pretty busy. I worked til 11 then went to see Robin and Aubrey
nad pick up some thigns that robin had for me. I got ready for class there
and then went out to Delta.
I got there early and so i stopped to talk to the instructor to ask her
about the other class but she had to do something else so I waited. I talked
to the lab tech while I waited for Linda and for class to begin. She seems

In class Linda, the instructor, introduced herself and told a bit about her
beginnings in photography (which comes fairly late into the tale). Some of
it I had heard before when I took the last class and some of it was new. I
like her. She's interesting to listen to. We also went over the syllabus and
filled out an info sheet. We went into the lab and got a little tour. We
discussed supplies and where to acquire them. After class I talked more with
her about getting into the other class. She took me to her office and gave
me the sheets form the previous day, the books needed, the information that
I'd need if I were coming in, and she filled out and signed the add slip for

I stopped for gas on my way home. Painful. 2.99/gal.

I got home and finally ate. (yay!) I checked my email. I got out the class
sheets and looked the over and looked to see what kidns of prices i could
find online for the books (a side note to anyone who would know, if you know
any sites that have good prices on text books, please let me know. I would
really appreciate it.) I have an idea what i'll be able to find them for and
I guess I'll compare at the bookstore. I looked up information onthe new
class at the Delta website and tried getting ahold of Mary. i finally did
and talked to her for quite a while about what I should do, ultimately
deciding to go for it if I could manage it with work.

I helped my grandma with a couple things outside and dragged the trash cans
to the road. I also rescued a few things she was trying to recycle that she

I walked a little over a mile and then finally made it back in time to talk
to Steve for a few and then get a few thigns ready for today and get ready
to take a shower.

Today shouldn't be nearly so busy, at the very least I'll be done at Delta

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