~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

today, schedule

Today on my way out of here i'll get ahold of Robin and stop by and hang
with her for a bit. She has some books for me and I'll need to change before
I go out to Delta. Somewhere in there I'm going to want to acquire some
food. I'm going to go a little early to see about my books. Then class from
2 to 5.

I'm not sure how I'm goign to normally handle class days. It makes some
sense to not go home and save myself some driving (and gas) but there is
also a 3 hour gap between work and when I have to be there. So I'm not sure
what I'd do for that long 2 days a week. if i go home I'll get the chance to
eat, check email, change my clothes. Important stuff! So we'll see.

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