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Renaissance Festival yesterday - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
Renaissance Festival yesterday
Yesterday we went to the Renaissance Festival. (Yay!)

Lots of things to look at. We (of course) watched Ded Bob. (Yay!) We also caught
quite a bit of the Zucchini Brothers. We saw a Mud Fairy sculpting things
out of (surprise!) mud and a living statue. We also saw a dramatization that
included a sword fight. I like the lady who plays the queen. She makes a
good queen. She talked to Steve and I last year or the year before.
Hopefully some of the many pictures I took will turn out well.

I replenished my supply of vanilla bean oil from Global Scents. I got a
decorative bottle and a bottle of simmer lotion both with the scent. I also
got a coupel other oils from a different shop. One that is a blend of
chocolate brownie (that really smelled exactly like brownies!) and fresh (or
french) roasted coffee (that didn't really smell like coffee at all but
that's not a bad thing. It smells nice) and the blend is sort of an
incense-y chocolatey smell. Not quite like (bpal) Gluttony cause it's
missing the other scents but a little like gluttony fades. Only when this
fades you just smell sweet and chocolate. Very nice. I also have a small
bottle of Fresh Laundry. It really smells like laundry dried on the line
just after its brought in. Really neat. I don't plan to wear that one just
to use it to scent other things.

I have a new set of wooden hair sticks with beads at the one end and a
wooden thing that's sort of like a comb and sort of like a stick. It's
straight and 3-pronged and stabs through the hair to hold it in place. Works
really well.

We plan to go back again before the end.
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