~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

goodness I don't even know what to say about them.

thank god they havent started playing instruments yet!

I guess mr. schadel showed up for a half day on the 20th and hasn't been back since... I dont know if they know whats going on with him... so 1st-2nd is in a block and I was with them til 10:34 then 3rd til 11:28
I have another class starting at 1:07 and then one more after that.
the block was just... loud. they didn't have any work (and this was mostly cause they were in the auditorium instead of the band room... where there was work waiting for them.) so they wre just loud and energetic and all over the place. ah well nothing new there.

then for 3rd period we were back in the band room which os so so hot bleah. and they kinda sorta did their work.

and so far... I actually don't hate them. probably just the newness of starting again I bet. I can't think of any other explanation...
I have to admit though... they are rather amusing sometimes. someone in 1st-2nd block said "she's a *pimp*!" though I'm not exactly sure why.

anyway I'll have to go back in a while... I hope the rest of the day is boring.

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