~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

wallet, moon, skunk, dream

last night I stopped for gas in freeland on my way home. There was a wallet
sitting on top with a credit or debit card sitting on top of that. I figured
whoever it belonged to probably would want it back so I started looking
through itwhile I wated for my gas to pump. I had hoped to find something
with a phone number on it. No luck. I took it inside and gave it to the kid
behnd the counter. This was for a good reason (I figured that if that's
where he left it and he remembered that, that he would go back there to find
it again) and a not so good reason (I didn't want to be responsible for
tracking him down and making sure he got it back again, not to mention that
I don't actually live anywhere near Freeland). Not-so-good reason the second
didn't mean that I wasn't going to try to locate him and give him a call. So
I called Ray and asked him to look up Kevin Miller for me (which he did,
yay!) and then I called him. Fortunately there was only one listing for the

A woman who was probably his wife answered and when I told her I was looking
for Kevin she immediately asked what it was about. I asked her if he had
lost his wallet and she said Oh jeeze! Did you lose your wallet? and I heard
his muffled voice in the background. She sounded glad that I had called to
let them know. She told me that they had been through there around 5 and she
was surprised that no one had called sooner (I wasn't particularly
surprised. There was no phone number in the wallet and people don't tend to
like to be bothered. Not to mention I'd be more inclined to believe that
people would be using him to pay for their gas before trying to give back
the wallet.)

The moon was big, bright, and yellow and low enough that I didn't get to see
it for most of the drive. It was quite pretty.

When i got almost to my street I passed a poor skunk who got hit when
crossing the street. Poor little guy. Seeing and smelling skunks always
makes me wonder what happened to mine and if they're making it alright. I
hope so.

In a dream I had I forgot to go to work. I think I used to have similar
school dreams when I was still in school. Always unsettling and... when you
think about it, so dumb! In the dream it seems perfectly reasonable that I
could forget to go until hours later.
Tags: dream

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