~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

more whining about allergies

Lat night I finished the set of post cards I've been working on forever and
readied about 6 to send out to random px people. I even remembered to bring
them with me this morning so i can stop at the post office on my way home.

Last night sucked. I had hoped that having clean bedding might help a
little. It did (or at least it seemed to), at first anyway. But I was up a
few times in the night. Once at 1ish or 1:30ish with the worst attack of-
Bleah! my throat was super-itchy. And so i was itching it in my sleep so it
was sore. So I went and gargled Listerine, which usually helps. it didn't
help. I was sniffly and nose runny. I took another allergy pill, 2
decongestant pills, gargled one more time and downed a bunch of water. That
all seemed to help and I was able to sleep the rest of the night. I just
don't know what my deal is. I'm ready for it to stop now. I'm at least ready
for it to go back to normal, which is probably a more realistic desire. How
is it that I'm already itchy under my skin again??

If my pills stop working I'm just screwed cause I can't afford prescription
stuff, which is what worked better in the first place but I had to stop
taking it when I couldn't get samples any more.

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