~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

allergies, movies

I still don't know why my allergies are hitting me harder than usual. Today
I think I'll try washing my bedding and see if that helps. I may also buy a
new pillow. I've been very itchy at night and itch my throat all night.

I've also had (and this doesnt happen often) the feeling of my back and
sometimes necka nd chin itching under the skin. particularly when I cough.
Which I've been doing and that also doesn't happen often, though it's fairly
common when my allergies persist either through the meds or if I skip them
for some reason.

It's like... after a certain point my body will start to get sicker and
start reacting to it's own reactions. Usually the path it would take if I
skipped taking anything for too long is I'd be sniffly, which woudl turn
into real-sick instead of allergy-sick, usually sniffly turning into a sinus
infection... and then it jumps to the lungs. They react somewhat like asthma
and from what I've been told the reactions are pretty similar.

It's not always that way. Lately it just seems that I am more sniffly/mucusy
and the past few days at least I'm more inclined to cough (which then brings
on that peculiar and awful feeling of itching under the skin) and it feels
like I'm not able to bring as much air into my lungs as normal. Not really a
tightness, and no rattle so far... Well not much. A little catch when I try
to breath in all the way. I'm mostly just a little more out of breath a
little easier.

Bleah anyway!

We rented movies this weekend. We watched Secretary (thank you Mary Rose!
Your love for it was my main reason for wanting to check it out and I really
liked it!), Man of the House, and Final Cut. Yay movies!

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