~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

what I did yesterday

It's a very nice feeling morning outside. Now that I'm up early enough to
see mornings I still don't get the chance to appreciate them much because
I'm only up so I can go to work!

Yesterday I took Aubrey her Christmas present and hung out with her and
Avery for a little bit. He is amusing. He's still at an age where he talks
funny. I like this! I think it's kind of sad when they lose it. It is
necessary though. Still sad. I was sad when Mikale started talking more
normally. I like the way he used to say my name. I wasn't there long cause
they were going to the beach. But it was nice to see her. I should see
people I like more often. Not that I see people I don't like now.

I took a nap yesterday afternoon. It was nice. As always, I didn't mean to
sleep as long as I did.

I did my daily f-list reading, worked on my journal project, and looked at
the new posts on the eye shadow community.

It's mail time!

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