~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

um, what? (when I met Vy)

vegemiteking: ok
angelle321: ok what?
vegemiteking: Uhm
vegemiteking: What
angelle321: what what
vegemiteking: what what what
vegemiteking: what's your name name naem?
angelle321: for all web purposes I'm just angelle
vegemiteking: Why?
angelle321: because thats the way I like it
angelle321: just my choice
vegemiteking: What's your real name?
angelle321: we are online you know
vegemiteking: With your avatar, I am guessing your name is Christina.
angelle321: ??
angelle321: why?
angelle321: do I look like one?
vegemiteking: Is that your picture?
angelle321: yeah
angelle321: I took it on sunday night
vegemiteking: Yea, Christina.
vegemiteking: ahh
vegemiteking: I took mine last night
vegemiteking: Where are you from, Christina?
angelle321: my name isnt christina
angelle321: :p
angelle321: I'm from Michigan
angelle321: for all you need to know it might as well be angelle (and thats pronounced angel)
vegemiteking: Your name is Christina...
angelle321: is not
angelle321: :p
vegemiteking: I can tell by the photo
angelle321: thats silly
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