~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

woke up to kitty watching, purring

from email...

so pleased that I actually have some pretty *good* news to relate about the little kitty. finally.
I woke up around 11 and looked over at him and he was just sitting in his bed looking at me and I started talking to him and petting him...
and he *purred* at me!! and of all the things that said he was starting to be on the mend... and to feel better... this one said it the most and the strongest... cause he's just been too uncomfortable to purr lately...

alas he's still been having butt problems though and I figured I'd try to wash him up a little... so I was running his little rear end under warm water and realized that he had a pretty largeish poop stuck there stretching his little hole to about 1/4 inch across. which is quite a bit if youre that small... so I put him down and called the vet. and while I was on hold he went and did his business and everything came out. so mabe he just needed some help loosening.. I dont know. but I guess if he clogs up again I know what I can do. the dr. recommended I mix some metamucil or oil into his food and see if that helps.

and right now he's in towels in his bed in a patch of sunshine in the back room... cause that's where he wanted to be.

I had to put the bigger older kitten outside cause he was being awful and wouldn't stop using the little one as a toy.
Tags: critter tales

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