~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

stuff and yesterday and stuff

Looks like I maybe here on my own this morning. So says my desk calendar. If
things didn't magically appear on the calendar I wouldn't know what's going
on at all! Ah well. Better to at least know somehow.

Harry's dad fell and hit his head on Saturday night. He died yesterday
morning. Visitors go Friday night (this is probably when my grandma and I
will go) and the memorial service is on Saturday. Barb and Harry have been
together something like 14 years now so I knew him, though not well. Still,
he was a nice man, and it's sad.

Yesterday Steve didn't go to work (such a slacker!) and he came and picked
me up after I got out of work. We went to lunch, and then to the book store
(where I bought books, yay! Barnes and Noble is a dangerous place for me to
go) and then to see Bad News Bears. It was alright. Amusing. And seeing
Billy Bob made me want to see Bad Santa again. After the movie we went to
SVSU and looked at art for a while. I also stalked a little tiny bunny. He
was so cute! We went back to the book store to kill some more time while I
waited to hear from Mary. Once I talked to her we read for a while and
waited for her to call back to say she was leaving. We met at Kokomos and
all played putt putt golf. Steve won. Yay Steve! Mikale had a very good time
and was all leapy. He cheats. But it's amusing to watch.

When I got home I found that my ILL Mitch CDs had arrived! I was pretty
excited. Even more cause I forgot I had made the order. So it was a pleasant
surprise. I started listening to the newer one today on the way to work.
Quite amusing. You're missing out if you've never looked him up.

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