~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

slow morning, no phone, trip to CU

Today I was slow. I don't even have any good excuse for this. I wasn't too
terribly tired, I got up on time. Making coffee didn't even slow me down too
much (though if I'm going to start drinking it in the morning again I would
think about setting it up the night before like I used to. Or just making it
the night before and reheating). I did really well for the rest of the week

I forgot my phone at home today. So I won't get any texts until I get home.

Yesterday I got the lump sum portion of the pay raise. Unexpected money is
always good. I also had a school check that I've had so long that I worried
it might be void by now (it isn't so I'm still alright). I guess I'll go to
the credit union before I go home. It's been a while. I've really liked this
direct deposit thing. Yay for not having to make trips to the credit union
and having the money just magically appear in my account!
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