~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

yesterday, barb, my room

Barb was over yesterday and she started boxing thigns up on my room. She is
very organized. I very much approve of her doing it rather than my grandma.
My grandma isn't much for organizing at all. It's all "junk" and "crap" and
"clutter" and "mess" to her. And she can't see or understand that while it
may be a little haphazard at the oment, it *is* for the most part organized.
Like things are together. Barb gets this. And she's good at it anyway. So
even if like thigns weren't already together, she would put them that way.
So my organization isn't actually doing anyhting but making the job faster
for her.

The only thing I'm going to absolutely have to probably do is the dresser.
I'll have to prepare the room first. Just standing in there yesterday
telling barb what was in what box/bag/pile has made me a little congested
and itchy in my throat. Bleah. So I'll need to run the dehumidifyer and a
fan for a day or two probably.

I guess I should start thinking about where and how I want to organize and
store the things that are on and in and around the dresser. Some of that got
done the last time some room cleaning happened.
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