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bought things

I did not do the thigns I was setting out to do. I did other things instead! Like spend lots of money on clothes. They're nice pretty clothes though. I am happy with them.

The salesgirl was... really somehting. She looks like a hot topic-ified Ashlee Simpson. She wears freaky contacts. She has said to me (on two occasions now) when talking about the sizing running a litle big that "it makes you feel better about yourself!".

And she told me that I don't need a shirt that exactly matches the one skirt I got anyway "cause then you'd look like a grape!".

She's rather adorable though. I'd say 17 - 18 maybe. Or maybe she just looks young. Amusing though. And she did help me to spend too much money.

I also bought a pair of jeans and a pair of cargo pants for 8ish dollars each. Yay!

I still need a fan though.

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