~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

ouchies, storms, to do

My foot still hurts. My head hurts. I don't know if that's sinus or caffeine
or some of both. It didn't occur to until last night when i was trying to go
to sleep with a headache that I hadn't caffeinated. My head protested. But I
hoped it would let me sleep anyway. And it did.

We had a couple thunder storms. The first I barely noticed. My grandma came
and turned off the fan for that but it wasn't too hot by that point and so I
was alright. When she came and shut the window at 5, however, it made me
sad. I was hot then. And that made it hard to sleep. So for that last hour
it wasn't good sleeping. The rest of the night I had a lot of dreams. Weird
dreams, not good dreams.

I woke up with my head still hurting and my skin still being horrid. Will
keep hitting the C and water though. it takes time, I know.

I need to get a fan for the bathroom window. It takes me so much longer to
get ready in the morning than it should because its hot and I sweat and then
can't get anyhitng on my face. It's frustrating. This morning it felt like
it took me forever just to do moisturizer and powder. That's all I want and
need in the morning. Just moisturizer and powder! It shouldn't be so hard!

So I was running late *again*. Like I always seem to be.

I think today I will attempt to get a window fan for the bathroom. If I have
success, I will buy two. One for my grandma too. She will appreciate it.

Today I should also look for another shirt or two. And wash some clothes. I
dont want to stink.
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