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weekend involved movies and ray and movies

We watched a lot of movies last weekend. Yay! I like movies.

We watched Prozac Nation, Saw, Kinsey, and Trauma.

Good stuff.

It's hot today. I am just barely slimy feeling.

My skin still hates me. But I'm going to keep dosing on the vitamin C and that should hopefully help me with my problems.

I'm feeling a little bored I think. No one seems to be around to talk to. I dont even have many yahoo people messaging me. Not that this is a bad thing.

I wrote today. It's a good thing.

Weekends are for boyfriends.

Friday Steve and I went and ate food and rented movies and bought me drugs. Then we went and I took drugs and we slept. No movies watched. I was all itchy and head hurty though so movies didnt sound like fun.

Saturday we watched Prozac Nation. He went to DJ a reception and took me home. I ran into Tom's table and ripped a hole in my pants. It made me sad. Seriously. I took a shower and smelled nice. Ray came and picked me up and we spent the evening together. I drove back to Steve's and ate and we watched Saw. We were up late late late. I didn't sleep nearly enough. Sunday we watched the remaining two movies. I made good food. Yay me!

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