~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Sunday stuff- more maggot problems

from email...

stopped at my house on the way to the wedding... and at first I was so worried (bleah I've been worried this whole time) cause the cage was all apart and I asked my grandma if it had died and she said oh no I just put it in the box in the garage cause i needed to clean the cage and the kitchen... so I went and brought it in from outside so I could change its leg bandage... and its definitely a ltitle heavier... I mean you can still feel just bones all over when you pick it up but before they were grinding together... some of that is probably because I've gotten it a little better hydrated... part of it also how much its been eating...

anyway so I wiped it down a little bit with a cloth... poor thing has a very sore butt too. and I wiped its eyes with a cotton ball soaked in silver and i gave it some more orally... and then I took off the bandage.. looked a little icky... little bit of drainage that had soaked into the cotton I had... and when I took the bandage off I saw one single maggot fall out onto the counter. and thats what really really worries me... cuase I dont know where it came from... cause the wound still looks good and theres nothing in it that I can see... so I dont know about that. cause it was a big fat one.
and in that little bit of time that it was in the garage it already had more eggs on it. but they were easy enough to get off... so I did that. and changed the bandage... and my grandma has been still feeding it fish and hot dogs... and I guess it was really enjoying some formula mixed with some tuna... so thats good. I'm glad it has kept a good appetite. I'm just worried that it has more maggots somewhere that I havent been able to see... I just have been trying not to get my hopes up...

we're going to go back to my house to check on it tomorrow too... and if its still kickin on tuesday I'm just gonna take the poor little thing to the vet. can't really afford it... but it needs to go. and I'll feel so much better if I have a doctor to tell me something
Tags: critter tales

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