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saturday stuff- worry about kitty, kitty eating well

from email...

spent more time doing kitten things today... mama cat that I seem to be... the one with the hole in its leg really was doing better.... though the other one didn't make it :(

now i get to spend all weekend worrying that my grandma isnt gonna give it the care that I would... *knowing* that she wont... all I hope is that it'll be good enough...
I might have to stop by over the weekend and check up on it... the hole in its leg seemed to be... filling in a little... though it was just so huge (comparatively anyway... the kitten is only... I dont know. old enough that it *can* eat on its own but young ewnough that it would still be nursing... and the wound in its leg is about the size of a dime... though not perfectly round... and deep enough that its through to the bone and a little past in some parts... something like if you had a wound the size of a softball in your leg I guess. and just as far in... poor baby...)
so I cant really tell too well what its doing... so i just kept flushing it with Silver, giveing it more internally, and washing its eyes with it... and I bandaged up the wound... had steve stop at petsmart on the way to my house and get some kitten formula... it was really eating well though today... tuna, salmon, hot dog... it really seemed to like the hotdog... tore right in...
it doesnt always eat by itself though... you have to put the food right up to its face and then it just eats and eats and eats... thats another thing I worry is that my grandma wont sit and feed it that way... shes just gonna have to though dammit. shes gonna have to give it the formula with a dropper anyway... must stop worrying about it too much... not gonna do any good...

went to look at mars tonight through a telescope... it was.... a jiggly dot. with some subtle details that you could see if you looked hard. still kinda neat though.
I think I'm gonna go to bed soon. pretty tired anyway...
Tags: critter tales

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