~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

7-6-05 walking, seeing things, navy pier, batman

(chicago trip with sgfaboo)

We started the day looking for Cereality. It's a very neat restaurant that serves cereal! (and also smoothies, coffee drinks, and a few baked goods.) I had read about it somewhere and then found out that one had just opened in Chicago so we decided to try it out. I like cereal. So I think its a great place. They have some concoctions already decided that you can choose from or you can create your own mix of cereals and toppings. I decided to have what they call "The Devil Made Me Do It", which consists of Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms, chocolate syrup, and crumbled chocolate malted milk balls. Sickening, but tasty!

We wandered afterward. Some of the things we saw/did:

  • Saw a puppet show! This was so so cute. There was a person in a little booth that had a little curtained stage on one side. There was music playing and then there would be 1 or 2 puppets dancing along to it. There was a monkey and a couple cats. They reminded me of Daniel from the Mister Rogers show. I have lots of pictures of this.

  • The Ghirardelli Store! When we walked in a girl handed us a square of chocolate from a basket. There were bags of different varieties of chocolate and they also had a counter where you could get assorted ice cream desserts. I so badly wanted to want some. But all I really wanted right then was real food. So sad. But I did buy a small bag of milk chocolate squares. Mmmm.

  • A guy playing bagpipes on a corner. I like seeing the different musicians that play on the street. This guy was all kilted up and all alone with his pipes. It made me happy. I have pictures of him too.

  • Navy Pier
    • Food at the Chango Loco restaurant. It was so tasty and I was so wanting it then and so it was even better. I had a chicken burrito and it made me happy.

    • picture taking of seagulls, boats, flowers

    • Live music. There was a band playing at the Beer Garden. They had a chick singer who rocked a tambourine.

    • Ice cream from Ben & Jerry's. I tried Fossil Fuel. It was good and it had little tiny chocolate dinosaurs in it! I was excited! They were really cute!

    • Batman Begins at the Imax theater
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