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7-5-05 museum, food, duck

(Chicago trip with sgfaboo)

We started out at Einstein's for food and coffee. Too much food and then I drank the coffee too much too quickly and felt really icky and nauseated afterward. We walked across the street to buy some socks for me because I hadn't brought enough. I didn't expect to be wearing my tennis shoes very much and then wore them more after my feet were so jacked up from sandals.

We went to the Museum of Science and Industry and Steve got a membership. It includes almost all of the special exhibits and free parking. It will be worth it if we go back at least one more time in the next year.

We had tickets to see the video game exhibit at 2:30, Body exhibit at 4:30, and body movie at 6:00.

The video game stuff was cool. They had info cards about how video games were started and how they evolved and got to where they are today. They also had tons of games, old and new on display and able to be played. So many games, along the walls one after the other. That was cool. Steve and I played quite a few. We played Bubble Bobble. So cute!

The body exhibit was so so so freakin cool. So cool. Gah! I could have spent hours in that section alone if we would have had the chance. We started to run out of time though. There were bodies treated with... something. I think a coupel different things. Some with some sort of resin maybe? and some with some sort of polymer. So you could see, along with the skeletal systems, all the muscles, and organs, and nerves, and circulatory system... different thigns on the different bodies, depending on what they were showing in that part. They went through the different body systems. Bones, different muscle groups, nerves, circulatory, digestive, reproductive... the whole body section by section. They also had different organs in cases, bones, and slices of parts of the body. That was really cool looking. 1/4 to 1/2 inch slices horizontally or vertically taken from a section of the body. You could see tumers as dark spots, and the size nad shape of the organs as they wre in that part of the body. Really very interesting.
In the reproductive section they showed babies from conception up til birth. It was interesting to see the different stages. They also had a woman who had died with her unborn baby when she was 8 months along. The way they had it shown you could see into her womb and see the baby and where her organs were squished up from baby pushing things out of place. Fascinating. I'm glad there were so many people willing to donate their bodies for study.

I would have loved to take pictures of some of that stuff but they didn't allow any.

The body movie was similar to a lot of movies of that type I've seen before. Showing different things happening in the body.

By the time we were back to the apartment we were hungey and my head hurt. Steve, his mom, and me finally walked to a resturant for food.

On our way we passed a girl standing in the road talkign on a cellphone. There was a guy in a car with his headlights pointing toward her. Next to her was a duck quack quack quacking. The girl explained as we passed that a baby duck had fallen in a manhole and that, I guess, was the mama freaking out. The girl was on the phone trying to get someone to come help get the baby out. Poor mama duck! On our way back from dinner we walked back by cause I wanted to see how it went. But there was no one there and no ducks. So now I won't know! I hope it turned out well.

Dinner was good. I almost ate too much but took quite a bit home with me. On our way back we stopped at the drugstore to pick up expensive medicine for Beth, who was still sick (poor beth!).
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