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7-4-05 Taste, navy pier, fireworks

(More Chicago trip with sgfaboo)

So lots of the 4th was spent eating. We did Taste of Chicago that day. I love food.

we sampled:

  1. Red beans and rice
  2. baked potato with toppings
  3. cheese pierogies
  4. cheese pizza
  5. fried plantain
  6. vietnamese eggroll
  7. chocolate chip cheesecake square
  8. pierogies with sour cream
  9. fried stuffed olives
  10. fried dough
  11. samosa
  12. shrimp fried rice
  13. lemon italian ice
  14. deep fried twinkie (!!!)
  15. jerk chicken with rice and beans
  16. spicy vegeterian tamale
  17. spinach pizza
  18. hummus and tabouli salad with pita
  19. strawberry and lemon italian ice
  20. malnati salad (the only thing I just didn't like. it was too sweet)
  21. grilled chicken lime salad
  22. fried mozerella
  23. baily's irish ice cream
  24. garlic mozerella bread

We took a break in the middle of that for an hour or so but by the time we were all done we were ready to pop. But happy!
I took lots of pictures of seagulls. God it must have just been paradise for them there. They were definitely everywhere.

So when we were finally done stuffing ourselves, we went to Navy Pier. We walked a bunch, of course. (My poor poor feet). When we first walked in, they were handing out glasses for viewing the fireworks. The carboard kind with the thin plastic parts to view through. We looked at things, took pictures, hung out, sat for a bit. Steve's mom met us there and then we waited for the fireworks to begin. We sat in the beer garden while we waited and Steve had a pina colada.

When the fireworks started we moved to get a better view. It was really nice. We were closer to them than we were to the ones the night before and that made it much better. And the glasses! So cool! All the little points of light had little halos of light around them. So they sort of resembled the Target dot. It was cool looking. I got a few pictures that I will put up soon I hope. I have close to 600 that I took though, so it might take me a while to get through them.

It was a yay day!
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