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ouchy feet, sephora, blue man

My feet are so ouchy today. We always do a lot of walking when we come here. My feet don't like my shoes. Any of them.

Ok so yesterday.

We got started earlier than we expected to. We bickered on the way to the train station. But that is to be expected. I don't think we could manage a trip without it. But we manage to bounce back. Once we got going it was fine. I tend to remember things differently than he does. In that, I remember things at all. As long as I can remember that and accept it, it works out a *lot* better. Otherwise it's like getting myself annoyed for nothing.

So we rode the train downtown. We somehow managed to ride one stop farther than we meant to. But when we got off we didn't go in the right direction anyway and ended up turning around and walking forever in the other direction for a while before finally saying fuck it and grabbing a cab and finding out that we had to keep walking forever int he direction we were going in the first place!

So finally we ended up at the place with the Nordstrom's. I went and bought things in Sephora. Lots of things actually. I should really just take a picture of all of yesterday's purchaces together. All in all I spent more than I'm willing to admit to. Very ugly. But I have lots of pretty and pretty smelling girly things from Sephora and Lush.

Plumping gloss, sparkly and/or shimmery eye shadows, powder, some mascara that shouldnt be clumpy for those rare times when I doll up for a night, lipstick that I hope will work for me as well as it seemed like it would in the store, and an eyelash comb. Wow. That doesnt sound like much. Also Lushy goodness including Big and Veganese for Mary, Ocean Salt face scrub, Dream Cream, Fair Trade Foot Cream, Silky Underwear dusting powder and Candy Fluff dusting powder, Sonic Death Monkey shower gel, an Irrisistable Bliss shampoo bar, a big chunk (while chunk is a gross word in general, someitmes it's useful) of Honey I Washed The Kids soap, Some Ambrosia shave cream, and an Iridescent Glitterbug.

Also, went back to both places on another day and at Sephora I got the Urban Decay Marshmallow dusting powder and another UD eye shadow. At lush I got pieces of 17 Cherry Tree Lane and Honey I washed the Kids for my coworkers and also got some I Should Coco, Cherry Tree Lane, Karma, 2 Butterballs, and a Youki-Hi.

After Sephora we went up to the Hello Kitty store where I, for the first time (!), actually didn't buy anything! We were hungry by this time so we went upstairs again to find something to eat. We split a hummus wrap and some fries. Mmmm hummus. This made us happy and made us like each other more. Or maybe it just made us less grumpy. I think it works out the same.

We took another train after we left there and it took us to right down the street from Lush. It's really something to actually go to a Lush store. There are just heaps and piles of lushy goodness stacked aroudn the store. Things everywhere to smell. And they give you samples of things if you ask!

After Lush we came back here for a bit before leaving for Blue Man. We were running a little late after stopping for something to eat and just took a cab. The show was really neat. Very surreal in parts. Definitely worth seeing if you get the chance. Afterward one of them posed for a picture with Bonnie. I like being able to tuck her into my purse and take her places with me. Very handy sometimes.

I didn't have my transportaiton pass on me so we walked back most of the way. This is where my feet really became angry with me and the shoes. There were all sorts of people out. Very interesting to walk through. Lots of drunk people. We also passed a bunch of interesting looking shops. Eventually we gave up walking and took a cab back for the last little bit. At least up to about 3 blocks away.
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