~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

kitten update

[20:12] angelle321: well...
[20:12] angelle321: I got all of them that I could... out of his leg
[20:12] angelle321: bathed the wound
[20:12] angelle321: in silver
[20:12] angelle321: did you see that link?
[20:12] angelle321: to the info abotu it
[20:12] angelle321: in my journal post
[20:12] (S)Falco(S): yes, didnt read everything but i got the main point
[20:12] angelle321: but it took almost all of that time to do that
[20:13] angelle321: and then at the end we decided to check the other kitten... jsut to make sure he didnt have any
[20:13] angelle321: well.
[20:13] angelle321: no open wounds or anything
[20:13] angelle321: but he had some in his butt
[20:13] angelle321: and all I can think of to do is keep giving him silver orally
[20:13] angelle321: and making sure he eats so that he can maybe poop them out
[20:13] angelle321: I got all the eggs that I could
[20:14] angelle321: and the one with the hole in his leg wants to be held
[20:14] angelle321: so hav him wroapped in a towel on my lap right now
[20:14] angelle321: and th eother one is still in the bathroom
[20:14] angelle321: on the rug in a towel
[20:14] angelle321: sleeping
[20:15] (S)Falco(S): aww poor kitties.... well you cant do much that what you already did.... i hate those damn maggot...
[20:16] angelle321: no... I'll just have to go back over them tomorrow when theyre dry
[20:16] angelle321: and see what other eggs I can find and get rid of
[20:16] angelle321: and makd sure there arent more in its leg
[20:17] (S)Falco(S): k.. do they have a chance or what?
[20:20] angelle321: well... I dont know
[20:20] angelle321: this is all on top of the sickness they already have
[20:20] angelle321: they have the best chance *I* can possibly give them
Tags: critter tales

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