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prepared/preparing for Chicago trip

The trip snuck up on me. I'm glad I managed to get motivated enough
yesterday that I got Larry's bag and got clothes packed. I still have to go
through and pack up personal acre items and clean out my one bag. But the
longest part is, I think and hope, finished. I managed to fit more int he
suitcase than I thought I would. I always over pack. Usually if I don't, I
manage to leave home the very thigns I want cause I thought I wouldn't
want/need it. So now i just take everything. Steve's car is big enough!

I got some new black sandals yesterday. They're already giving me blisters.
I don't even have to walk around much at work. That probably isn't good.
When do I not end up with blisters though, really?

Going to make my list of things I want to make sure to do while we're there.
Much fo the time we just see what comes our way but there are always some
things to see and do for a little bit of an outline to the trip.

Also, are any of you in the Chicago area?

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