~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

kitten update, found maggots

taken from an email...

... ugh.

so I'm still taking care of the baby kittens... an being in the cage, they managed to make quite a mess of themselves... covered with poop and cat food... fortunately these are smells that I have come to not mind at all... particularly if theyre*my* kittens... so I brought them in the house to give baths... even though its a litle dangerous with their current condition.. theres a possibility of them catching a chill and ending up even sicker than they already are...
the first kitten got his bath with little to no trouble... he wasn't happy but he didn't struggle all that much... tried to lick some of the water (note to self... give them something to drink.. poor things probably dehydrated to an extreme) and most of the stuff washed off with little difficulty...

the other one was a little more difficult.. he struggled more, cried more... deep pained cries. and I noticed that he had a swelling in his leg. and figured of course he doesnt want me to pick hm up and give him a bath that has to hurt!... I also had noticed flies around them and thought I ought to make sure I really washed them well and put them in the house... cause i found what looked like probably eggs stuck to the second kitten.
and then I found the open wound on the other side of the swollen leg.

and then I found the maggots.
maggots. big fat swollen wriggling maggots. and its poor tiny little leg is just full. of. them.

so I called my aunt to see what she would do. then I calle the vet to see if they had anything to say... and so basically I need to flush them out as well as I can... and get the rest with tweezers. oh my god.

I had hoped to never. EVER. have to tweeze wriggling maggots out of a sick kitten ever again. ever.

and it just *cries*... such awful painful cries... but its like I can't just let them *eat* it! so barb is going to come help me... I need extra hands that can hold it unter the running water while I tweeze.

maybe I should have been a vet... (though no matter how many times I throw myself into something like this... I've never wanted to be one... dont know why... and now it's not relaly an option...)

anyway. this is just draining.
Tags: critter tales

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