~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Endymion & Gluttony

In the bottle and initially on the skin this smells totally of roses. Right after its on my skin it smells of roses still with some pear, very similar to the Victoria's Secret pear scent. It's sweet floral but I worry since it smells pretty strongly of rose, rose stuff usually ends up smelling like soap on me.

Later it smells like something I don't know. Sweet, dusty, flowery... but not a flower scent that I recognize. Almost a hint of baby powder. I dont know if I like it. It's not *bad* I guess... it's more that I don't know if I'd like to smell like it.

The site description: "Selune, the Moon Goddess, fell in love with a beautiful shepherd named
Endymion. She appealed to Zeus, asking him to cast Endymion into everlasting
slumber so that she could be with him for all eternity. Her wish was
granted, and every night the Goddess visited her love as he slept. A sweet,
wistful blend of d'Anjou pear, Lily of the Valley, bois du rose and white

Also, my notes on the Gluttony yesterday:

Incensy and sweet from start to finish. Starts out smelling like the hazelnut coffee I buy (+incense), then smells a little like cinnamon apple (+incense) and ends smelling like chocolate (+incense). I really dig it.

The site description: "Thick, sugared and bloated with sweetness. Dark chocolate, vanilla, buttercream, and hops with pralines, hazelnut, toffee and caramel."
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