~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

filled out sub form, brakes failed

I think I'll be starting work again pretty soon... this week I'm going to start getting up terribly awfully early to call the automated sub system to try to start working as much as possible... cause I really need to start making some money... I'd like to get a car as soon as I can... its just getting ot the point where mine isnt reliable enough any more...

this morning on my way home from Steve's I stopped at the substitute office to fill out some form that I was missing. and on the way there my breaks just went out on me. I was almost there so I just put on my hazard lights and crawled it the rest of the way there...
I got my form filled out and had to call my grandma to come pick me up. I dont know when Barb and Harry will be able to get to the car. Barb sais osmeone else has the trailer and she doesn't know how soon Harry will be abel to get it back. so I'm carless again. dammit.
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