~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

stupid Loser Mode and stupid raincloud!

So today I was all grumbly and listing out in my head all the grr and bleah
points to this morning and right now. it occurred to me that it all sounded
suspiciously like Loser Mode. But some of it wasn't mood. So it sounded like
i have some sort of rain cloud. Go away stupid rain cloud!

I have a blister on my foot. I'm sniffly. my head wants to hurt in a sinus
sort of way. My grandma washed a shirt that i've only worn once or twice and
now it has little bleach spots on it and is ruined. I don't even think it
needed to be washed. Since I didn't know until I put it on i had to find
something else to wear and so i ran late AGAIN. I'd be more surprised if i
weren't running late one of these days. Plus i feel all chubby and full of
water. I have a scratch on my cheek and I dont know where it came from.

So go away Loser Mode *and* stupid raincloud.
Tags: head ow

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