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sat. wedding: groom removes teeth, had the talk with ryan

Saturday we didn't end up being late after all... so that was good... we were in some hall in Hope, MI... and though it's new... its not what I would call the most *classy* looking establishment... not that there was anything too terribly wrong with it... more or less like a vfw hall.. only called somehting else...
I expressed this to Steve and he said something about it not being *that* bad... he'd seen worse... and at least our crowd probably had all their teeth... and I had to agree... up til the groom took out his flipper partway through the night revealing a gap of about 4 missing teeth right in the front... and I wondered... *why*?? why would you take out your teeth at your wedding reception??

our bride and groom were nice, we had an interactive crowd... though some of them were the type to not only come up and make a request but want to know *exactly* when it woudl be played... I want some Hank! can you play that next? come on play it next. you gonna play it next?
and they were also the type to make a point to say it was for our groom. kinda guilt us into doing whatever they wanted :P

but it went alright... I got to do the portions that I do... dance the stuff that I dance...and try to teach the stuff I teach... by midnight we were so ready for it to b over though... and then they paid the extra necessary to get an extra half hour. I wasn't feeling terribly enthused about this... particularly my feet. but it went quickly and it *did* mean some extra money for me...

on our way home we stopped at Meijer for alcohol... bought some coconut rum and then came home to drink and eat pizza rolls... Ryan came home while just as we were sitting down with our drnks and food and sat down with us and told us about his job... (his worst ever, he said... right up there with the one where his bride's grandpa died)
Steve and I proceeded to get nice and tipsy while we talked to ryan... though I hold it so much better than him its not even funny... and eventually Steve went and was laying on the couch and Ryan and I were just sitting there talking... and I got the chace finally to really talk to him about what happened in February that night that I got so drunk I dont even remember most of it all... so all the stuff I said nad did. anyway we got a lot straightened out... what I really htink of him, his position on it... I guess he doesnt hate me... he said I just really really pissed him off. and it was like I gave him a really bad impression of me at a time when he didnt really even know me yet... and that makes a lot of sense... and there was some of it... that he just wouldn't understnad since he didnt understand me. and I get that.
so I think we're genuinely cool now. and have a lot worked out. he actualyl talks *to* me now... instead of acting like I'm not there. and it just feels better. I got to clarify the stuff I said to him... (basically the same description of him I have in my journal cast list (http://www.crushedglass.net/cast.html) only at the time that i said it in the first place it was just not very well put at all (I was pretty drunk at the time though so I guess I just put it too bluntly probably...) and he seemed like he got it...

and yesterday I went out and drove Steve's jeep. and it was kinda scary.. though every once in a while I've found that its kinda good for me to do stuff like that. just as a personal exercise... and when I get through it and actually accomplish it... it just feels so. *good*. I dont even know how to describe it. so freeing and... nice.

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