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answer: in five years?

Question from risala in this entry. Go ask me something too!

I don't think I have any life plans. I'm not sure if I even have life goals.

I mean, I have things I would like to do. But not in the sort of way that means I'm going to set them as goals and set to accomplishing them. More in the way that if I get around to it, it happens to become convenient, I get ambitious, it happens to happen for whatever reason... then I'll do the things.

I want to travel more, and take pictures and write when I do.

I want to take more photo classes.

I want to learn Spanish, Italian, and German.

I want to learn more about (insert any number of nearly infinite subjects here).

I want to spend all the time with my grandma that I can.

I want to return to music.

I want to cultivate more friendships.

I want to become healthier and in better shape.

There are more things I could come up with given time and the opportunity for them to come to me. I'm always thinking about things and always wanting to learn more about things.

I guess my in general hopes are that I can learn more and create more and be a happy person.

I like to see where the world takes me and let it depend on what comes my way. Not necessarily just let things happen to me... but let opportunities come my way and go with them if the mood strikes me.
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