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answer: photography and me

Question from ping_win in this entry Go ask me something too!

How did I get into photography?

When I go into my room I sneeze or I would look up some of my early "work". Heh.

When I was little I started out having one of those long skinny cameras that took the 110 film. I loved taking pictures of the sky, and the cats and the yard. I would cut parts off of things and my pictures were often blurry or crooked or just blobby looking. It would be unclear what was in them at all. So I don't think my family liked to get me film very much because it didn't seem worth the cost of developing to get them done.

When I was a little older I got a regular 35mm snapshot camera. Anytime I went on a trip somewhere I'd take tons of pictures. I guess that's probably how I caught the bug really. I always tend to want to capture the moments I'm in. And capture bits of the beauty that I see. I took pictures when I had the chance, usually of people and pets. Just snapshots. But it made me want to do more. To make real photographs.

I managed to finally get my aunt to let me borrow her camera that had removable lenses when I was about 19 I think. It's not a fully manual SLR but it does have some manual features and I can chance the lenses. That was about when I started taking pictures a lot more seriously. It took a while before it started to look like I was taking it more seriously but gradually things started to look more like I took time. To look more like they did when I saw them.

My mother got me a real SLR for Christmas after that and I used it some but it usually takes me so long to get film developed that I didn't know how my pictures were turning out until way way after the fact. I also didn't know the camera well enough to know how to get the results I wanted. The manual is huge and scary.

In the fall of 2002, October, I got my hands on a digital camera for the first time. Steve needed someone to take some pictures for him for a brochure for the DJing business. He bought a digital camera and didn't know a whole lot about it. But he put it into my eager hands to figure out and I was doing alright before too long. I asked to please please please borrow it while I was doing pictures for him. It could only be good for him if I were more familiar with it. Ok plus I just really really REALLY wanted it. So he agreed and I started taking pictures constantly. Of everything. All the time.

All the constant picture taking is what developed my eye the most I think. Being able to see instant results. That way I could see right away what worked and what didn't, and actually correct it right then. It was wonderful.

Last summer I took my first real photo class. It helped me to get to know my camera really well. To learn how it works, what I can do with it and HOW. Since I had to turn in work I also was seeing quicker results and getting feedback. I did really well in the class and was very pleased with how all that I had learned on my own was working for me on film too.

Last Christmas I got a really nifty macro lens for my real camera. It was cool. But once again I was taking pictures and not seeing the results (I actually have 8 or 9 rolls that I've taken since Christmas that have yet to be developed).

I began to really desire the instant results of digital but without the limitations of the digital I was using. I wanted to be able to do the same things I could do with my real camera only on digital. So I started thinking about what kind of Digital SLR I might want. I decided on the Nikon D70. I knew I would stick with Nikon cause that's what my film camera is.

In February I started working at a real job and one month in took out a loan to be able to buy my camera. And here we are.
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