~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

friday's wedding reception: kid with garter belt

there was a kid who was a junior groomsman who was just so terribly amusing and entertaining...

it was the part for the garter... where the groom has to take it off the bride... you know. anyway so he was doing it nice and slowly... drawing it out... and all of a sudden this voice rings out... (from Michael, the kid) "just stick your hand in there!"
and he was the one who caught the garter as well... and a junior bridesmaid caught the bouquet... so they had stand ins for the part where the garter gets put back on the girl who caught the flowers...

so anyway they had their stand-ins...
and this was going fairly slowly too... the guy was just inching it up a little, a little more and he had it like 2 or 3 inches above the knee... and all of a sudden Michael comes up (and mind you this kids probably 13 or 14... and that the woman is some sort of close relative (at least I'm pretty sure)) and says "come on ya baby!" to the guy and proceeds to shove the garter as high up the woman's thigh as it will go.

oh.my. god.

to the point where her eyes widened and her hand shot down to shop him from trying to push it any higher.
he was quite amusing... just quite the little performer... he kept putting on peoples high heels and dancing around in them... did his own little attempted break dancing interlude... he was really something.
Tags: memorable wedding

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