~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

shoe search

Someone help!

I'm looking for a pair of shoes to match 2 skirts. Kind of flared jsut below the knee. Both have a dark turquoise. One has a pattern with it and one is white with turquoise embroidery. They call for a retro style shoe. I'm thinking something Mary Jane ish. But they don't necessarily have to have a strap. Just that Round toe and I want the not horribly skinny heel that they tend to have. They also don't need to be turquoise, and I'd prefer it if theyre not. I'm thinking black or brown with some kind of turquoise accent. I'm growing rather discouraged.

I'll link some similar styled shoes to give an idea.



the heels are pretty skinny on both of those though. I guess I don't mind that but I was thinking something slightly thicker.

Maybe later I'll take pictures of the skirts.

Now I need to get MadDog to the vet though.

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