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grrr at my arms

They're raised bumps, varying sizes, non-rashy, non-itchy. similar to pimples, in that they have white gook in them, but unlike pimples the gook is more solid, not hard, just not gooey-liquidy like a pimple. And there is not the blood and clear liquidy stuff that usually accompanies a pimple. The white gook is sometimes thick and solid-creamy like and sometimes like a little white ball o white- but not hard... and small. None of this is a vast quantity of gook. From what I can see, it sounds like it could be keratosis pilaris... but I can't get enough info to really say. Plus the pictures I've seen when looking it up through google images don't necessarily look right.

All the redness is because, shamefully, I am a picker. Really really really. It's bad.

Any insight? It's getting to be warmer weather and I do not look forward to feeling self conscious about it and embarrassed to wear short sleeved/sleeveless things. Plus I just dont like how it looks.

ETA: Also note that there are a ton of scars. Those don't bother me nearly so much. I believe they'll fade with time anyway.

Also ETA: I also seem to have similar bumps on my thighs, cheeks, and butt. None of those areas are as bad, perhaps because I exfoliate better/more regularly, and tend to leave them alone more? I'm a freak about my face, so that's bound to make a difference. I decided when I managed to be done having bad skin that I was done and was not going back. So I take care of my face nearly religiously.
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