~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

pornolizer translations

I put my site into the pornolizer and this was part of the translation came out to be:

Currently (only to make money) I work, where ever they send me, as a ballbusting substitute teacher (which is more like baby sitting and fingerfucking like fistfucking) but I am *not* a teacher, nor do I wish to be one. I also do DJ work on the farts.

oh oh

Deep throating a screwing kitty, just after a blowing shower...

good stuff...

and matt sent me this translation he got of one of my journal entries...

"went out fingering some pictures in the yard cause its been a while since I've fucked the creaming "fingerfucks of the moment""

I gotta stop
this could get a ltitle addictive

[23:59] Angelle321: oh. my. god. I translated my site with the pornolizer and this is how it translated the bit on my me page about where I work
[23:59] Angelle321: Currently (only to make money) I work, where ever they send me, as a ballbusting substitute teacher (which is more like baby sitting and fingerfucking like fistfucking) but I am *not* a teacher, nor do I wish to be one. I also do DJ work on the farts.

[23:59] Angelle321: bwahahaha
[23:59] mattb9791: LOL
[00:03] Angelle321: oh my goodness
[00:03] mattb9791: what
[00:03] Angelle321: just go to htp://www.pornolize.com and put my site in
[00:04] Angelle321: then go and read the me page
[00:04] Angelle321: I guarantee you'll appreciate it
[00:04] mattb9791: ok one sec
[00:04] Angelle321: especially the second thing that makes me happy
[00:04] Angelle321: *snicker*
[00:04] mattb9791: im watching the lick my ass again
[00:07] mattb9791: Depp throats huh?
[00:10] Angelle321: Deep throating a screwing kitty
[00:10] Angelle321: *snicker*
[00:10] mattb9791: ROFL
[00:10] mattb9791: that is great
[00:10] Angelle321: oh oh oh
[00:10] Angelle321: and being ballbusted (hard to describe... just take my word for it- its nice) :)
[00:10] mattb9791: yeah
[00:10] mattb9791: lol
[00:11] mattb9791: your site is called "titty fucked glass" *snicker*
[00:11] mattb9791: PIMP......"asslicks available only upon request"
[00:12] Angelle321: on mine it says blowed glass
[00:12] mattb9791: lol
[00:12] Angelle321: I like tittyfucked glass better
[00:12] mattb9791: hehe
[00:14] mattb9791: your journal is called "squirted glass"
[00:14] Angelle321: hahaha
[00:15] Angelle321: it uses different things every time you load it
[00:15] Angelle321: that kinda disappoints me
[00:15] mattb9791: yeah but still entertaining
[00:15] mattb9791: went out fingering some pictures in the yard cause its been a while since I've fucked the creaming "fingerfucks of the moment"

[00:16] mattb9791: Current music: The "Muffdiver" Wanks - Come "Fuck me for a Buck" Softly To "Muffminer" Me

[00:17] Angelle321: oh thats good stuff
[00:18] mattb9791: whats the link to the cast list?
[00:19] mattb9791: ohh just reading yrou journal is a riot
[00:19] Angelle321: http://www.crushedglass.net/cast.html
[00:19] mattb9791: Hello "Assrush" Kitty mini cd player/boombox,
[00:21] mattb9791: definitely just a fucking weekend to enjoy not having a asslicking job to go to and each other's company
[00:21] mattb9791: so I took my kitty to the farting vet earlier... yay to that. don't know that he will agree though
[00:22] mattb9791: ROFL
[00:22] Angelle321: wow... and a dirty translation of the dirty translation...
[00:22] Angelle321: "went out fingering some pictures in the fingerfucking yard cause its been a while since I've titty fucked the spewing creaming "fingerfucks of the fisting moment""

[00:23] mattb9791: ;p
[00:24] mattb9791: I met Aubrey on the spewing first day of first grade... I've probably shafted her ever since
[00:24] Angelle321: Friday "Son of a whore" Steve and I went out and ate pizza
[00:25] Angelle321: at the wanking end of that I came out spewing like I had done a lot of fingerfucking and little more... but I guess sweating is good too...

[00:25] Angelle321: hahaha
[00:25] mattb9791: lol
[00:25] mattb9791: I met Matt through Steve S.... told him that he ought to be my friend... and it squirted... for a raunching very short while... but then wad pulls shafted into more and it was pretty much downhill from there... so we saw eachother for about a year and a smacking half and then I cuntlapped it... just couldn't take it any more...
and now we're cool.

[00:26] Angelle321: aint that the truth
[00:26] mattb9791: lol
[00:26] Angelle321: hahaha
[00:26] Angelle321: I bought balls for JulieAnn's shower
[00:26] mattb9791: rofl
[00:27] Angelle321: they were nice people and they fucked us. so that was cool
[00:27] mattb9791: lol
[00:27] mattb9791: what a great site
[00:27] Angelle321: when we got done we went home and danced for a spanking while... I taught steve a few line jerks... it was neat... then we fisted... and went to bed...

[00:27] mattb9791: she's usually up for balling and will say almost anything...

[00:28] mattb9791: Nick is my far away friend... I'm glad we manage to remain in contact... I found him while I was randomly licking poor people to look at my web page and he creamed me a cocksucking pickle head and asked why he should bother to look at my page... and we began titty fucking... and have kept talking...

[00:29] Angelle321: hoo boy thats good too
[00:30] Angelle321: 3 Sex fights Down (3rd time assfucking them)
[00:30] mattb9791: HOOO Ha
[00:30] mattb9791: ROFL ROFL ROFL
[00:30] mattb9791: Steve is one of my best smoochs... he's great... he's like smooching a spanking guy friend with a squirting girl friend all wrapped into one and he's not even gay...

[00:31] Angelle321: wow
[00:31] Angelle321: I dont usually ever get to laught this much online
[00:31] mattb9791: this is great
[00:32] Angelle321: went and got Chinese take out, watched a wanking movie, and later tried and failed at a licking fucking experiment.
[00:32] mattb9791: WOW
[00:33] mattb9791: I went on a fingerfucking study abroad trip in the spanking summer of 2002, François was part of my host family there. He has since become one of the people closest to me and also one of my favorite people.

[00:33] Angelle321: hey did you read the dream I had with you in it?
[00:33] mattb9791: no
[00:33] Angelle321: oh well read it when youre done pornolizing my jourhnal
[00:33] Angelle321: cause it wont be the same that way
[00:33] Angelle321: :)
[00:33] Angelle321: august 10th
[00:34] Angelle321: and then I fucked the plowing bird, which for some reason was still there and I grabbed it and asslicked it and hit it and balled on it
[00:35] Angelle321: exactly why you shoudl read that dream un pornolized
[00:35] mattb9791: yeah
[00:35] mattb9791: ohh i did
[00:35] mattb9791: i knocked the bird out for ya huh
[00:36] Angelle321: no I ended up beatin the crap out of it
[00:38] mattb9791: ahhh
[00:38] Angelle321: but its nice to be taking the screwing lessons
[00:38] Angelle321: haha
[00:38] mattb9791: lol
[00:40] Angelle321: just got back from unclefucking up KittyKitty
[00:40] mattb9791: lol
[00:41] mattb9791: but its nice to be taking the thrusting sucks... I'm glad to be dancing again...

[00:42] Angelle321: not nearly as good as screwing lessons!
[00:42] Angelle321: :)
[00:42] mattb9791: lol
[00:43] mattb9791: I put his computer back together and got a few gangbangs set up for him...
[00:44] mattb9791: i need a girl like that
[00:44] Angelle321: hahaha
[00:44] Angelle321: but I love her to death and will be there for her thrusts
[00:44] mattb9791: lol
[00:45] Angelle321: Juli was my roommate for my first and second gangbangs at CMU
[00:45] mattb9791: lol
[00:46] mattb9791: after we got home I installed some programs on his computer and we proceeded to watch two dripps and get quite drunk... he went to bed before I did and I stayed up wanking to people online and sex fighting squirts on bust...

[00:47] Angelle321: wanking to people
[00:47] Angelle321: hahaha
[00:47] Angelle321: hey do you know what charvering is?
[00:50] mattb9791: nope
[00:50] Angelle321: hu
[00:50] Angelle321: h
[00:50] Angelle321: me neither
[00:50] mattb9791: went to see a movie with his friend Mark (american cocksucking)
[00:51] mattb9791: Current music: The "Butplug" Charvers - Come "Dildo" Softly To "Omar Pussy" Me
[00:52] Angelle321: I also fingerfucked with her for about the first couple motherfucks of my first year...
[00:52] mattb9791: lol
[00:52] Angelle321: also
[00:52] Angelle321: gamahuches
[00:52] Angelle321: ??
[00:52] Angelle321: he unclefucks me happy and he makes me laugh
[00:52] mattb9791: lol
[00:53] mattb9791: no idea on the gama
[00:53] Angelle321: I've probably spanked her ever since
[00:53] Angelle321: its fun to just reload it
[00:53] mattb9791: ohh yeah
[00:54] mattb9791: Friday "Sniff-my-Ass" Steve and I went out and ate pizza
[00:54] Angelle321: We were practically inseparable the whole trip and spent fistfucks of time all huddled together farting and farting at boys.

[00:54] mattb9791: lol
[00:54] mattb9791: Smashmouth - You "Cock Sucker" Are My "Fill me up" Number One

[00:55] mattb9791: so I had to call my grandma and titty fucked her to come pick me up so I could come home and look for it.
[00:55] Angelle321: ewww
[00:56] Angelle321: I think I have always asslicked Jake
[00:56] mattb9791: lol
[00:56] mattb9791: thats funny
[00:56] mattb9791: I taught steve a deep throating few line dances... it was neat... then we barfed... and went to bed...

[00:56] Angelle321: hahaha
[00:57] mattb9791: ate cake, and then the sex fighting dance began.
[00:57] Angelle321: he felched me a titty fucking pickle head
[00:57] mattb9791: lol
[00:57] Angelle321: I absolutely adore Ryan... he's cocksucking, loud, offensive, charismatic, smooching, smart, and beautiful all in one package and I think its just great. I think he asslicks me a banging little though, as unfortunate as that is...
[00:58] mattb9791: lol
[00:58] mattb9791: g-ma: do you have an odor?
Mikale: noo
g-ma: you have an odor in your pants?
Mikale: nooo
g-ma: did you poop?
Mikale: noo
g-ma: you didn't? then who did? did the ballbusting kitty get in your sucks and poop?
Mikale: yeah!

[01:00] Angelle321: I also pecked with her for about the first couple cocksucks of my first year
[01:00] mattb9791: lol
[01:00] Angelle321: he's like fucking a aardvarking guy friend
[01:01] mattb9791: lol
[01:01] Angelle321: how is it that they use aardvark as a verb?
[01:01] Angelle321: what the hell does that *mean*??
[01:01] mattb9791: www.getoffended.com
[01:01] mattb9791: look it up
[01:02] Angelle321: I dont see it
[01:03] mattb9791: hmmm
[01:04] Angelle321: many unclefucks have combined to bring us together again.

[01:05] mattb9791: and then I smacked up Frankie and I was shafting and I brought him in the cuntlapping house and was gangbanging my grandma
[01:06] Angelle321: i feel strange while fistfucking myself
[01:06] mattb9791: lol
[01:07] Angelle321: oh my goodness I have to quit
[01:07] mattb9791: yeah i do too
[01:07] mattb9791: this is too amusing
[01:08] Angelle321: from something francois translated: "I followed angelle's advice and now im barfing on myself"
[01:08] mattb9791: lol


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