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(lame) summary: film, birthday presents, Deadwood, kitties, prom, party, headaches

Friday: took in 2 rolls of film and larger versions of the posted digital pictures of Ray to Ritz. I love love love them. They turned out so well. The one roll of film also had pictures from my birthday. There is one of my grandma that I adore and I would love to enter it in a contest somewhere. She would be quite displeased. We bought presents for Mikale. We rented the first 2 discs of Deadwood but slept instead of watching them.

Saturday: Watched DVDs. sufficiently hooked on Deadwood. If you haven't checked it out, you are missing out. Go get it! Had breakfast at McDonalds because I had grabbed coupons for free coffee from work on Friday. The coffee was yucky. Steve bought a guitar from the neighbor's garage sale that was really a yard sale. Mad Dog's sister is going to have kittens soon. I stole him from that neighbor. Steve wants to steal the sister but their daughter wants to get her declawed (shudder) and bring her in. That makes me sad, and happy. She need a good home but she also should keep all her parts. Bleah. We DJed Mt Pleasant High School's prom. High school girls are dumb sounding. (Are you, like, playing CDs? Can I, like, make a request? Could you, like, play, like Blahblah song?) Like, totally.

Sunday: Mikale's birthday party. He had a lovely brightly colored cake with Big Bird and a little Cookie Monster. There were games, presents, cake, ice cream, and food. Yay birthday parties! We went shopping. I didn't want to but I figured I might want to eat this week.

Monday and today: my head is sucky. Yesterday it hurt, today I woke up with migraine spots. It just feels tender now. I shall take a shower and then sleep. Yay sleep!
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