~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,


I took many pictures of Ray last night. Some of them I like quite a lot.

I find that my cast list is sometimes not quite enough. But I find it so difficult to sum up what people are to me in so few words. I find it difficult to put the feelings into words that accurately describe anything. So I put them in basic terms that I read and then think... who am I talking about?

Ray is that and more. He is beautiful and also many things that I didn't manage to put into his little write up.

So I apologize for the list. I wanted it to say something, and to explain people who are mentioned, but I don't think I succeeded. Or maybe I did and other people doin't need to know more than "ex boyfriend" , "relative", "friend form grade school" etc.

I'm going to sort and resize some pictures now.
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