~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

a few more babelfish mutilations

"They eliminated your layer and were in the rain which you were always moved that that, me of my window believed always paid attention that I was outwards to look on you you it mysterious with dark eyes and imprudent hair fashionably were inside always sensitive for you, that also cools however, to interest it was necessary"

"one had there to come to the house towards the line directly this boy from his parents him after school left and as it with its church went on the floor of church agitated completely and lurched that, he could not declare him completely, it always be went precisely there"

"It interests not, if or not he is not a good interested man it precisely so a long time, like it has not yet its friends it him, if or not he is an island which laugh it, it earns money interests to him a gold clock has, silk a behaviour and the healthy chest A which strike its ******* ******* ****."

had to block that out the last words were the title

"He which is which dies here the point of this one, He that your song of favourite which we could whirr me think that you are intelligent you, the soft thing me your names to explain, me is perhaps"

"Welcome with our shelters tropical, she happy people she! If we were not in the publication which starts immediately, we would be also in the public"

more at a later time if I don't tire of it.

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