~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

early random musings.

It's early and I'm awake. I've been up for an hour now. I have green tea but it's getting cold becuse I never manage to drink things quickly enough. I have meant to write some this week but as always, I dont seem to be able to do pictures and writings within the same time span. I have no idea why but when I'm doing one, the other dries up for the most part.

The glue sticks at work smell like dead lady bugs. It's odd. I'm still enjoying being there.

I got 2 G microdrive for my camera but it arrived and wouldn't work so I went to Ritz, talked to the nice Ritz guy and will be getting another one sent to me on Wednesday. I like the Ritz guy. I can see myself being like "oh no! camera problems?? I guess I'm going to have to go flirt with the camera guy!" Or maybe not.

I am sniffly and I think I need to drink more water. Since I'm out of LJ things to be reading for the moment, perhaps I'll go play Mario 3.

This is all for now. I'd like to have more, but last week was spent working in the morning, and playing online and taking pictures until bedtime. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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