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lady bug, hand written resume, and gimpy knee

I was aiming to go to bed a little early last night to make up for the two previous nights. I almost managed it but then I encountered a ladybug when I was brushing my teeth. Usually I'm able to coexist with bugs without incident. The bug was on the edge of the sink but I figured it was far up enough that it would be out of harm's way. And it was- until it decided, at the very moment I turned the water on to rinse my toothbrush, to leap into the flow. And down the drain it went. That was not my intent at all and I felt bad for it, especially when I looked down the drain and could see it at the bottom in the water and toothpaste foam wiggling its legs and trying to get a hold of the side to climb up. So I decided to try to help it! And so went the next 20 minutes. I tried dental floss but it kept sticking to the side of the drain on the way down. I went and got a butter knife and poked it down there hoping the bug would grab hold and climb up. Finally it managed to get up on the side of the pipe and it slowly climbed to the top of the drain. It was, I swear, probably 1/4 inch from the opening (I was waiting til it was close enough to the top that I could fish it out without accidentally knocking it back down) and it suddenly tipped backward, wiggled its legs in the air and plunged back down to the bottom. It was terrible! By this time I was really pulling for it and felt really really bad. So I tried some more with the butter knife and went to get a flashlight so I could see better. Finally I had the idea that I should have had at the very beginning. I twisted up a length of toilet paper into a little TP rope and lowered it down. the bug grabbed on and was carried up to safety. I even put a plug in the sink and let a few drops of clean water drip on the bug with the hopes of cleaning off the toothpaste gook. When I went to bed it was safely left on top of the medicine cabinet where I hoped it would dry out a bit before moving on to another part of the bathroom.

When I sort the mail, one of the piles I make is for all the PO, or M box mail that comes in. It gets its own pile and then someone somewhere else actually sorts it form there. I'm pretty sure it's all for job listings that have been in the paper. The jobs dont go directly to the employer for some reason, they are forwarded on from the News. So there is just an address in the listing that will say to send your resume to box M006 or something. I don't think there are any actual boxes though. Today I was going through and found one that included a resume written by hand, on lined notebook paper. Who does this? And why would you do this if you were actually hoping or expecting some place to hire you? How hard is it, provided you have the means to get and go to a job, to get a resume typed up and copied??

Also, my knee is again a little gimpy. For a change, this time I didn't actually do anything to it. I have no idea what the deal is.

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