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time flying

The weeks have just been flying by. You wouldnt think that working such a small amount would make them feel that way... but it seems to. This week has been that way especially cause I've actually kept busier at work. Sarah has been coming in later so I've picked up the proofs that she would normally be doing at that time and it has meant that there has been none of the usual lull that I have sometimes. Next week we're going to look for other things I can do in those times. I get tired of just sitting there waiting for the phone to ring. I also have 3 extra hours for this week. I think I'm back to just working til 11 tomorrow though.

Tonight Steve and I are going to go out and about for a bit. Perhaps for some sort of green dessert or something. We shall see. I can't believe that tomorrow is Friday again already. And Monday is my birthday. It snuck up on me.

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