~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

girls are dumb

[19:42] hawkeyemohammad: hi
[19:42] hawkeyemohammad: can u do me a favor please?
[19:43] ~*angelle*~: hmm?
[19:43] hawkeyemohammad: can u?
[19:43] ~*angelle*~: well how would I know if I don't know what the favor is?
[19:44] hawkeyemohammad: I'm from syria...and I have a girlfriend in michigan I can't call her from here
[19:45] ~*angelle*~: ok
[19:45] hawkeyemohammad: so would u please call here and ask her when will she be online?
[19:45] ~*angelle*~: what part of michigan is she in?
[19:46] hawkeyemohammad: i don't know...i have her phone number
[19:46] ~*angelle*~: what is it?
[19:46] hawkeyemohammad: will u do this for me?
[19:46] ~*angelle*~: I need to know the area code
[19:46] ~*angelle*~: the first 3 digits
[19:47] ~*angelle*~: 989? 517? 810?
[19:47] hawkeyemohammad: 269
[19:48] ~*angelle*~: I don't know where that is
[19:48] ~*angelle*~: what is the whole number?
[19:48] hawkeyemohammad: it's a mobile
[19:49] ~*angelle*~: ok well what is the whole number?
[19:49] hawkeyemohammad: 001269*******
[19:49] hawkeyemohammad: got it..?
[19:50] ~*angelle*~: yes but I can't call her
[19:50] hawkeyemohammad: is it from michigan?
[19:50] hawkeyemohammad: why?
[19:50] ~*angelle*~: because its not a local call
[19:50] ~*angelle*~: it is a michigan number
[19:51] hawkeyemohammad: i have her home number
[19:51] ~*angelle*~: but its not a local call for me
[19:51] ~*angelle*~: she lives nowhere near me
[19:52] hawkeyemohammad: where could she live in?
[19:52] hawkeyemohammad: which area?
[19:52] ~*angelle*~: she lives in Niles Michigan
[19:53] ~*angelle*~: the red star ont he left of the map
[19:53] hawkeyemohammad: thank u very much
[19:53] ~*angelle*~: what is the home number
[19:53] ~*angelle*~: so I can see if that's more local to me
[19:54] hawkeyemohammad: 001269*******
[19:55] ~*angelle*~: oh ok I can call that one I think
[19:55] ~*angelle*~: what's her name?
[19:55] hawkeyemohammad: Tracy
[19:55] ~*angelle*~: ok hold on
[19:55] hawkeyemohammad: my name is Mohammad
[19:59] ~*angelle*~: how old is she?
[19:59] hawkeyemohammad: 22
[19:59] ~*angelle*~: and you?
[19:59] ~*angelle*~: where are you from?
[19:59] hawkeyemohammad: why?
[19:59] ~*angelle*~: cause I was curious
[20:00] hawkeyemohammad: 22, I'm from Syria
[20:00] ~*angelle*~: just wondered where you were from that you couldn't call her yourself
[20:00] hawkeyemohammad: b/c the connection is very bad

So I looked up her number on google and her home listing pops up complete with what I would figure is her monther's name maybe? and her address. So I called her. And I gave her a friendly heads up that she might want to be careful who she gives her home number to because her friend jsut gave me her name and her numbers.And I told her that if you look someone's home number up on google you can get their home address. She seemed slightly surprised and said oh wow. and thanked me and that was all. Methinks she still will give it out. Oh well. I thought I'd at least make her aware if she wasn't.

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