~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

grumbly days from the start :(

Some days you just end up feeling like you should have stayed in bed.

This morning I was going on as normal until I went out to start my car at 6:25. My door was frozen shut but this happens sometimes and after I pulled on it a bit it opened. But then it wouldn't shut. I tried getting ice out of the hinge part, tried slamming it (tried that one a lot, all the while cursing winter, and my car), tried prying the latch back into place... at least I think I see how it's supposed to go. Nothing worked. So, at 6:35, when I should have been on the road, I was waking up my grandma and getting dressed. Still all the while cursing winter. I really hate winter, in case it needs to be said, though I'm going to guess that its clear at this point. I'm wondering if I may have messed up the latch when I tried my slamming technique. (Not recommended by the way).

So my grandma had to drive me and I was all worried I'd be late. In the car I noticed that I already had a dark black spot on the leg of my new pants. I arrived at the News just on time and piled myself down with mail to be carried upstairs. I didn't even bother checking the back counter, figuring I didn't have any more space in hands or arms to carry anything else.

I couldn't find today's death list and someone from systems had to come down and mess with it for a while until I could get it to come up.

I still wasn't smooth with the mail and had a (too big) pile waiting when Sarah arrived. I know she has her own work to do and I hate having to call her over first thing when she comes in because I don't know everyone yet. Even some of the things I thought I knew I got wrong so she went through my already sorted piles. Its a good thing because I want things to go where they're supposed to but I just feel like I suck.

I feel so isolated sometimes there. When there is a lull I just don't know what to do with myself, I don't feel right just spacing and sitting there and there is no one to talk to, cause as I've said, poor Sarah is working. There were two people who called today who talked to me a bit. It was nice just to have the interaction.

The first was a guy who was calling to (gently) complain about information that wasn't included with an article that had run yesterday. (I guess the info *was* in Monday though so maybe he just didn't see that). He was nice, joked quite a bit, and was very well spoken.

The second was a lady calling because she was appalled at an article that was in sometime this week. I guess there was a lovely picture of an elk (?) and with it an article where a man talked about how he could easily get close to the animal and how it didn't mind him coming in its area... and then he talked about how in a year or two how tasty the meat from it would be. Bleah! I said "that's terrible!" and she seemed pleased to find another person who agreed. I told her that she should perhaps put her concerns into an letter to the editor and told her how to address it. She called back again later, though I'm not sure why cause there was nothing new I could tell her, but that I'd try to find the appropriate person to tell about it. She was also very nice and chatty.

Not long before I left I got an email from Jill telling me about some ridiculously simple things that I had missed in the ballot box/death list. Just upset me cause it's all stuff that I know. I'm guessing I was flustered from the start and hurried too much though, worried that I wouldn't have enough time...

I did get paid today and that, at least, is good.

My grandma came and picked me up and I dropped off the paper to TV 5 and then I went with her to buy bird seed and cracked corn... and then I noticed that I had left my purse in my desk :( So we drove back to the News, I picked up my purse, we went to the bread store, and then to my credit union so I could deposit my last school checks. Now I'm home and I want to stay here but I need food and my grandma suggested going to Meijer with her.

Just wanna hibernate.

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