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weekend: sleep, dinner, muffin toast, movie

I slept about 12 hours firday night. It was lovely. We had to go shopping for food for the dinner on Saturday and I didn't feel terribly ambitious about that at all.

The dinner ended up goign really well though. It was a christmas present to Mary, Barb, and my grandma from Steve and me. The food was good and everyone left full and happy. Yay!

I made tasty baby french toast using mini chocolate chip muffins. So good. So sickening and not good for us. I don't think I'll be making them again, but not because they weren't good... they were. But i jsut dont even like to think of how bad that probably was for us.

We went to see Constantine last night. Keanu continues to not be able to act. How he keeps doing so much is beyond me. He is pretty though. I'd certainly make out with him.

Its starting to snow. I think I'm ready for there to be no more snow. I can handle needing to wear sweaters for a while longer, since I just bought some... but no snow would be fine with me.

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