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chicken caeser salad

[15:03] ~*angelle*~: and I've just been called retarded in a chat room in an argument over a fucking chicken caesar salad
[15:04] Vy: there's no point to that salad
[15:04] ~*angelle*~: ok vy will you please tell me I'm not wrong or retarded? except for not letting it go. that was retarded and wrong
[15:05] Vy: oh ok
[15:06] ~*angelle*~:
guy: why don't they ever put enough chicken in the chicken caesar salads?
some girl: cause lettuce is cheaper
me: and if you had too much chicken, would it still be much of a salad?
guy: lots of meanness about me being stupid ignorant and retaded and not knowing what's in a CHICKEN caesar salad
[15:07] ~*angelle*~: so of course we went and beat the fuck out tof the dead horse and in the end concluded nothing.
[15:07] Vy: but you're right
[15:07] ~*angelle*~: except that I never said that there wasn't supposed to be chicken in it!
[15:07] Vy: the point of a salad is for roughage
[15:07] ~*angelle*~: and he was all its not a GARDEN salad ignorant angelle
[15:07] ~*angelle*~: and junk
[15:07] Vy: chicken + sauce is enough fat and cholesterol already
[15:07] ~*angelle*~: and I was like I never said it shoudlnt have chicken
[15:07] ~*angelle*~: !!
[15:07] ~*angelle*~: and I was only making a playful comment anyway!
[15:07] Vy: it's just unhealthy
[15:07] ~*angelle*~: they compared me to jessica simpson!
[15:07] ~*angelle*~: I was quite hurt
[15:08] Vy: So! Does that make me Ashley Simpson?
[15:08] ~*angelle*~: :)
[15:08] Vy: a salad is a SALAD
[15:08] ~*angelle*~: so tell me I wasn't being stupid
[15:08] ~*angelle*~: and mean it
[15:08] ~*angelle*~: did I imply there was no chicken?
[15:09] Vy: no
[15:09] ~*angelle*~: or rather that there should be
[15:09] ~*angelle*~: so he was just being an asshole and jumping on a statement I didn't even make
[15:09] ~*angelle*~: ?
[15:09] Vy: yes
[15:09] Vy: you two just have 2 different outlooks on salads
[15:09] ~*angelle*~: :) no I didn't even mean that. i was just playing... but perhaps I shouldn't
[15:09] ~*angelle*~: some days just arent meant for talking I think

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